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Travelling to Hua Hin? Get a top service with competitive rates! Our taxi Hua Hin, taxi Bangkok to Hua Hin, and Hua Hin tours services are top rate by user reviews and they’re rated competitvely. Our taxi Bangkok to Hua Hin offers the service from Bangkok airport to Hua Hin or from the city of Bangkok to Hua Hin. Our taxi Bangkok to Hua Hin can also offer the service to all the neighboring towns – be it Cha Am, Pranburi, Kui Buri, the town of Prachuabkirikhan, Baan krut, or all the way to Chumphon province. From Hua Hin, our taxi Hua Hin provides the service from Hua Hin to Bangkok. Our taxi Hua Hin can connect you to other cities such as Pattaya, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya or all the way to Chiang Mai to Phuket, no problem. Or if you fancy a tour in Hua Hin, our Hua Hin tours service can take you to the attractions such as Swiss Sheep Farm, Santorini Park, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, Hua Hin Railway Station, Pala U waterfall, Kaeng Krachan National Park. To book our taxi Hua Hin, taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin, and Hua Hin tours services, please use our easy booking form or call us at +66(0)84 1158210.

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Hua Hin has always been among the top choices for resort town near Bangkok. Let our reliable service take you from Bangkok to Hua hin and back. We have all sizes of vehicles - from the sedans to the vans or even to the coaches. So whether you are a couple or a large family, we can cater to your group's travelling need.

Hua Hin is a unique town in Thailand. It has grown a lot but still managed to keep its small town vibe. It’s very laid back but packed with all the attractions such as the beaches, little markets, seafood, temples, waterfall, vineyard, and tropical jungle next door. The list includes Huay Mongkol Temple, Samphannam Floating Market, Pala U Waterfall, Swiss Sheep Farm, Santorini Park, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, Hua Hin Railway Station, Pala U waterfall, Kaeng Krachan National Park the list just goes on. Our our taxi Hua Hin, taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin, and Hua Hin tours services take you to all of these places and beyond.

We’re always committed to giving great taxi Hua Hin service as our reviews show.

All fares are per vehicle in Thai Baht, all inclusive (no hidden fees or extra charges). Fares may be adjusted during festivals with high travel volume.

To/from Hua Hin Deluxe sedan Family MPV VIP Van
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) 1,850 3,600 2,000 3,900 2,800 5,500
Central Bangkok 1,850 3,600 2,000 3,900 2,800 5,500
Don Muang Airport (DMK) 2,050 4,000 2,200 4,200 3,000 5,800
Pattaya 3,350 3,550 4,550
Kanchanaburi (town center) 3,500 3,700 4,200
Lomprayah Pier, Chumphon 4,200 4,400 5,000
Donsak Pier, Suratthani 7,000 7,500 8,500
Phuket 10,000 11,000 12,500
Krabi 10,000 11,000 12,500
Day trip 1-4 pax 5-8 pax
Half day trip in Hua Hin 2,400 2,600
Day trip in Hua Hin 3,000 3,800
Day trip from Bangkok ending in Hua Hin (or vice versa from Hua Hin) 3,500 4,400
Day trip from Bangkok to Hua Hin ending in Bangkok (or vice versa from Hua Hin) 4,500 5,000
Hua Hin further afield
From Bangkok airport to:
Cha Am 2,200 4,200 2,300 4,400 3,000
Pranburi 2,500 4,800 2,700 5,200 3,500
Sam Roi Yod 2,800 5,500 3,000 5,700 3,800
Kuiburi 3,500 6,800 3,700 7,200 4,500
Prachuap Khiri Khan 3,800 7,500 4,000 7,600 4,800
Ao Manao 4,000 7,800 4,200 8,000 5,200
Thap Sakae 4,500 8,800 4,700 9,200 5,500
Baan Krut 5,000 9,600 5,300 10,200 6,000
Lomprayah Pier, Chumphon 6,200 12,000 6,500 12,500 8,000

• For other destinations or day trip please email to inquire.

• Child seats for up to 15 kg (newborn to 3-4 years old) are available for 300 Baht per seat per trip (please indicate weight when make booking).

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Getting our taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Back in the old times Hua Hin was holiday homes of the royals but these days it caters to all. The town is laid-back and there are accommodations that can fit any budget range. Guest house, quaint little B&B and luxurious beach resort, you can find them all in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin of today is full of attractions – markets, nearby nature, waterfalls, national parks, temples, vineyard; and of course the beaches itself. Our Hua Hin taxi and tours service takes you to all of these. There are many beaches to visit. The namesake beach “Hua Hin” is where most accommodations and restaurants are. The beach is decent and a morning stroll will showcase its spectacular sunrise, perhaps the best for miles around. A bit to the south is Suan Son beach, a beach known for pine trees that line along the shore line. It’s quieter and make for a great day out. Just pick a spot on the beach with a book and a beach tower and you’re world away from any concerns. Pranburi is further to the south to complete greater Hua Hin. It’s a small town known for stylish accommodation and quieter beaches. Attractions in Hua Hin include the beach, Khao Takiap, Khao Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin Night Market, Hua Hin Railway Station, Ploernwarn Market, and Wat Huay Mongkol.

Vintage train station at Hua Hin

Sandy and sunny beach at Hua Hin

Huay Yang Waterfall near Hua Hin Beach

At Hua Hin resort or further afield: Our Hua Hin taxi and tours service takes you all the way

The rhythm in Hua Hin is based around the beach - it's a beach town after all. So you can chill out, swim, ride horse, or take an afternoon nap. Perhaps be more adventurous and try wind surfing or hop on the kayak to explore the shoreline. But there are things to explore further away from the beach too. For example, golfers know there are also many spectacular golf courses for you to try your skill in Hua Hin. If you like to relax, there are many superb Health and Spa centers offering massage in Hua Hin. Night time is fun time for the markets. Hua Hin night market is open every night and the Cicada market is open on the weekend’s nights. Our Hua Hin taxi and tours service takes you from Bangkok to Hua Hin, and also connect you within Hua Hin to all the places mentioned and beyond. Anytime you need a taxi to Hua Hin or beyond, for transfer only or for day tours, do give us a shout and we will set it up for you.

Further from Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan province is quite a unique province. The province has the gulf of Thailand to the east, thus the nick name the sunrise coast, and the Burmese borders to the west. It’s very long but very narrow in the middle, with the narrowest point of only 10 km wide. The province is the gateway to south of Thailand to other famous locations such as Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi. Our Hua Hin taxi and tours service not only takes you from Bangkok to Hua Hin but also to Pranburi, Prachuabkirikhan town, Baan Krut, Chumphon, Surathani, and all the way to Phuket and Krabi.

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หรือหากนักท่องเที่ยวบางท่าน อยากจะท่องเที่ยวลงใต้ไปอีกจากหัวหิน โดยมีเมืองเล็กๆต่างๆที่ยังมีความสงบ เช่น ปราณบุรี มีรีสอร์ทต่างๆมากมายเป็นทางเลือกจากหัวหิน สามร้อยยอด มีความสงบเงียบมีอุทยานให้ท่องเที่ยวและมีจุดเล่นน้ำที่น้ำใสที่เขากะโหลก ตัวเมืองประจวบคีรีขันธ์ก็ขึ้นชื่อเป็นเมืองสามอ่าว โดยมีอ่าวมะนาวมีชื่อในการท่องเที่ยวเล่นน้ำ ใต้ลงไปอีกที่บ้านกรูดมีชายหาดทอดยาวและมีรีสอร์ทต่างๆให้เลือกพักมากมาย หรือหากล่องใต้เลยไปถึงบางสะพานและบางสะพานน้อยติดกับชุมพร ก็มีหาดสวยๆที่เงียบสงบอาหารทะเลราคาไม่แพงและจุดดำน้ำที่เกาะทะลุ ไม่ว่าคุณจะต้องการไปยังจุดไหนของประจวบคีรีขันธ์ บริการ Taxi Hua Hin และ Bangkok to Hua Hin Taxi ของ Thai Happy Taxi สามารถพาคุณไปได้ทุกที่